December 10, 2023

Science & Technology: "Horizon Forbidden West": Post-apocalypse continues

Science & Technology: “Horizon Forbidden West”: Post-apocalypse continues

“The Forbidden Horizon West”

In “Horizon Forbidden West,” heroine Aloy investigates the backdrop of a deadly epidemic. Photo: Sony / dpa-tmn

(Photo: dpa)

As in the first part, the title is set in a post-apocalyptic version of the USA. The focus remains on the fighter Aloy, who, as commander of the troops, is on the hunt for the origin of a deadly disease. After the events of the first part, you made not only friends, but also many enemies.

A little prior knowledge can’t hurt the fun of the game

If you don’t know what happened in the previous title, you might feel a bit lost. Since the story begins directly in “Horizon Zero Dawn,” prior knowledge of the previous action can be very helpful. As it should be, there are also a lot of new characters, who have once again given Hollywood actors their voices.

The already large game world, in which you can move completely freely on the principle of the open world, is even larger than in the first part. The climbing mechanics have been expanded, which means the world is expanding to a higher level. It is inhabited by a large number of hostile robotic animals that are after the remaining human population.

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Good marks from critics

Even if not all the innovations of the second part were well received, almost all critics gave “Horizon Forbidden West” a positive note. If you liked the predecessor, you can also access it here. And maybe it’s not too late to start with the first part.

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“Horizon Forbidden West” is available exclusively for PlayStation 4 and 5 for around €60. The previous device is available at just under €20 for Playstation 4 and PC.