December 10, 2023

Science: Neubrandenburg Researchers Honored by Exclusive Explorers Club

Science: Neubrandenburg Researchers Honored by Exclusive Explorers Club

Fabian Schultz of the Neubrandenburg University of Applied Sciences is looking for new active ingredients for pain relievers in Uganda. The world was honored for his work.


Neubrandenburg scientist Fabian Schultz received an award in New York for his research into new active ingredients for pain relievers in Africa. The agriculture doctor and food expert has been invited to give a lecture by the Explorers Club, a spokesperson for the University of Neubrandenburg said Friday.

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Founded in 1904, the private club, which included Neil Armstrong, Jacques Piccard, Charles Lindbergh, Thor Heyerdahl, and many other important researchers, honors 50 important researchers each year (“EC50 – Fifty People Changing the World”). The internationally active club aims to support scientific research on land, sea, air and space. It has around 3000 members and is considered one of the most exclusive private clubs in the world.

Look for active ingredients for pain relievers

Schultz has been conducting research in tropical rainforests and in villages and cities in Uganda for several years. He discusses with traditional healers the plants that are used to treat diseases, and with a team from eleven countries, researching self-medication behavior in wild chimpanzees and mountain gorillas. Plants, fungi, and insects used by animals are tested in the laboratory for effectiveness. The goal is to find active ingredients that can be used worldwide in pain relievers, including against malaria.

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The spokesperson said that Schulz was the only German scientist invited to this lecture conference in 2022. This week (April 22-24) is taking place in New York.

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