July 15, 2024

Science Meets Practice: Success Factors for the Underdogs

Science Meets Practice: Success Factors for the Underdogs

in the section on branded items mentioned Mr. Dr. Carsten BaumgarthAnd HWR Berlin, on important scientific findings and their relevance to trademark practice. In his contribution to Trademarked article 1-2/2023 He explains when positioning an underdog brand is a promising approach, how that influence is built and orchestrated and what the building blocks for success are:

Mirko Wolf Wegert, co-founder of Fritz Kola, has the book out in 2021 Fritz versus Goliath published. Even the title of the book spells out the idea of ​​an underdog brand. It is characterized by poor resources, eagerly attacking one or more major competitors.

Influence (brand) underdog

Fritz Kola was founded in 2002 by two friends with an initial capital of only €7,000. To save costs, the posters were printed in black and white and the founders provided their heads for the logo. The brand was initially created through personal sales at the Hamburg Food and Events Theatre. She should attack Coca-Cola’s best dog with glass bottles and higher caffeine content. Today, Fritz Cola is widely represented in the catering and retail environment.

Psychologically, the underdog effect underlies success. Consumers prefer things, people, and brands that have an underdog story. This effect has been proven experimentally in science in various fields. But what does a brand need to do to show this soft influence? Holger Schmidt and Peter Steenkamp Brand Management Journal Conducted an extensive literature analysis with more than 40 scholarly articles. In addition to identifying underdog brands and explaining the impact of the underdog, they develop a management model consisting of five building blocks for success.

What factors are particularly relevant in the majority of underdog branding cases, to what extent is the underdog influence relevant to all segments and product categories and what practical insights are gained, Read the full article by Mr. Dr. Carsten Baumgarth, Professor of Brand Management at the Berlin School of Economics and Law (HWR), in Item brand 1-2/23. Go order here.

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