May 22, 2024

Science: Is There Life Extraterrestrial?  We'll know soon!

Science: Is There Life Extraterrestrial? We’ll know soon!

Science: Is There Life Extraterrestrial? Microbiologist Sure – “Answers To These Questions Soon”

Is there life outside the planet earth? (Icon image)

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The question of whether extraterrestrial life has ever existed has preoccupied us humans throughout the ages – also in Science One is looking for it. There is no sure answer yet, but that may change soon …

While the Science Disagree, the astrobiologist from the United States is confident: we can find extraterrestrial life in five to ten years!

Science: The new telescope should help

Those reportsgrenzWissenschaft-aktuell.deThis should be possible because an improved space telescope has been developed. Using this, “atmospheric signatures from a distant super-Earth” can be identified.

Astrobiologists have come to the conclusion that this is the first time that a realistic prediction can be made for the first discovery of life beyond Earth.

Science: Finally an answer to the frequently asked question?

The team led by Caprice Phillips of Ohio State University reported at the American Physics Society (APS) online meeting that the upcoming space telescope will likely take less than 60 hours to find potential life signatures. So within the next five to ten years there must finally be an answer to the question: Is there life outside Earth?


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“We humans have long thought about whether we are alone in this universe, and wondering what life means and whether distant life resembles ours. My research now shows for the first time that we have the scientific knowledge and technology to realistically hope for answers to these questions soon.” Caprice Phillips is quoted as saying.

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