Science – Innsbruck – the virologist: parts of a potential mutation hotspot in Tyrol – Bavaria

Science – Innsbruck:Virologist: Parts of a potential mutation hotspot in Tyrol

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Innsbruck (dpa) – In Austria, according to the virologist, there are increasing signs that parts of Tyrol are the focus of the halo mutation spreading in South Africa. According to the latest figures from the end of last week, about half of the infections caused by a mutation are currently due to this type, virologist Dorothy von Leer of the University of Innsbruck told the “Der Standard” (Wednesday))

“We now have 80 cases and certainly a large number of unreported cases. This is no longer a small group,” said the expert from the German news agency DPA. She does not have an overview of the entire state, but according to her investigations, the area between Innsbruck and the German border near Kufstein is affected.

Von Laer has spoken in favor of restricting mobility and also delaying the opening of stores across Austria in Tyrol, which is scheduled to take place on February 8th, for at least one week. Perhaps one can still slow the spread of this alternative and at least buy time.

This is indicated because the South African variant itself has at least two additional mutations. According to Von Leer, it is a “Tyrolean subspecies” of the South African variant. This development is worrisome because recent studies have indicated that vaccinations are less effective against the mutation and that the natural protection provided by antibodies after disease does not help much against this variant.

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