April 13, 2024

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Science – Hamburg – Jugend forscht: Three Brandenburg-Knowledge winners

Science – Hamburg:Youth Research: Three Winners from Brandenburg

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Heilbronn / Hamburg (dpa / bb) – Three of Germany’s best young scientists come from Brandenburg. 17-year-old Marek Muller and 19-year-old Finn Micheler from Hermann von Helmholtz gymnasium in Potsdam as well as 17-year-old Konrad Sebastian Wernert from Weinberg-Gymnasium Kleinmachnow can win an award in this year’s national competition “Jugend forscht, “such as advertising for contest management.

In their projects, the young researchers examined the chemical composition of bee scent or looked at the question of what honey could be learned around 3D printing. Marek Muller from Potsdam even won the first prize, awarded 2,500 euros, in the field of biology: he developed a process that prevents a specific antibiotic from entering the environment.

Three young scientists won out of a total of 169 finalists. The Einstein School-Gymnasium in Newhagen, which won second place in the Private School Award, also received an award. However, no one has been able to personally accept the awards: due to the Coronavirus pandemic, an award ceremony by Education Minister Anya Karlichik was held online for the first time in 56 years.

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