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Science: Five surprising reasons why September babies are happier in life

Science: Five surprising reasons why September babies are happier in life

5 Surprising Reasons Why September Babies Are Lucky In Life

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Will you give birth to your baby in September? Congratulation! From a scientific point of view, children in September are often easier in life than others.

What does the month of birth mean in a person’s life? Astrology and esotericism deals not only with this topic, but also with many scientific studies. Here are 5 surprising insights about September babies.

5 reasons why September babies are so special

Children on September 1st are more successful in school

One study, published by the National Bureau of Economic Research in the United States, shows that children born in September are more likely to succeed in school than their peers. However, this has nothing to do with astrology or biology, but with how the school year is structured. Because those who were born in September and have not started school early are among the oldest children in the class and are therefore more developed and better able to handle school subjects.

2. September children good athletes

Not only in school, but also in sports, September children are often more successful than others. “Babies born in the Northern Hemisphere in the fall tend to have more bone and muscle mass,” says Gavin Sandercock of the University of Essex’s Center for Sport and Exercise Science. “You start with more muscle, be active early and start exercising early. It’s a virtuous cycle.” Previous studies She points out that the relatively high amounts of vitamin D that babies get in the womb make a big difference.

3. September children Less likely to have bipolar disorder

Yet another British study September children are less likely to have bipolar disorder than adults are. Here, too, vitamin D absorbed before birth is assumed to play a role in the summer months.

4. September children Not too small nor too big at birth

The month of birth also appears to affect the size of the newborn. A British study showed that September babies tend not to be as tall as summer babies, but not as short as winter babies either. study.

5. September children They become criminals less often

The same study that found that September kids tended to have better luck in school also found that they were less likely to get into trouble with the law and more likely to pursue academic careers. “Being older when entering school increases the likelihood of going to college and reduces the likelihood of going to prison,” the study authors said.School start age and cognitive development. “

It seems that September is actually a good month to give birth! By the way: Greta Garbo, Caspar David Friedrich, Carl Zeiss, Freddie Mercury and Romy Schneider were born in this month as well.

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