December 8, 2023

Science considers salmon consumption questionable

Science considers salmon consumption questionable

Although this fish is a healthy source of protein, it may not be the best choice for consumption.

Fish is a good source of protein You should eat more of it. Low-calorie salmon enriched with omega-3 fatty acids is popular all over the world popular seafood. But in good health as is Not all types of fish are fit for consumption.

invisible danger

A 2017 United Nations report estimated that there are more than 51 trillion microplastics – tiny fragments of plastic – in the ocean. These tiny particles are ingested by marine organisms, and because they are so small, they are barely visible to the human eye, making them even more dangerous.

Studies in recent years indicate that salmon in particular is contaminated with microplastics. One of these studies is from 2019 It shows that salmon, sardines and fish meal from Iran contain between 4,000 and 6,000 microplastic particles per kilogram. Researchers say:

Large amount of microplastics can transfer dangerous contaminants to seafood (such as fish and shrimp), which may lead to the risk of cancer in humans.

In addition to cancer, microplastics have also been linked to diseases of the nervous system, kidneys, respiratory system, and skin.

Should you give up salmon?

Microplastics are considered virulent, as they are also commonly found in products such as beer, honey, sea salt, tea bags, and bottled water. Forbes News. So while it is clear that microplastics can have an impact on human health, more research is needed in this area.

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For example, some studies show that not all sources of fish contain these molecules. Next time you eat salmon, you should know the origin of the fish, because it’s noisy EatThisNotThat! A recent sample of 26 fish meals found that most were contaminated with microplastic particles.

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