June 17, 2024

Science City announces Summer Camp 2024

Science City announces the 2024 edition of summer camps from June 17 to July 26! Rich program…

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Science City Announces the 2024 edition of Summer camp from June 17 to July 26!

a Rich program From theatrical science activities consisting of interactive laboratories, guided tours, motor games, and educational games, where you can freely have fun after school, but continue learning by participating, making new friends, and developing skills through science activities and fun experiments.

Find summer camp activities Monday to Friday from 9am to 4pm In the Science City, in the outdoor areas (parks, ponds, etc.), in the air-conditioned indoor laboratories, in the interactive museum and in the planetarium. The science communicators for Science City will be the children in Ages 5 to 11 years Support and guidance divided into homogeneous age groups to discover the many fun activities in the program; Young guests can start their day with a fun yoga session, then discover the constellations, travel through time with games of the past and have a fun time with many games and nature activities led by scouts. Every Wednesday Latte Berna makes all kids a delicious snack and a great treat. Finally, in this edition there will also be the opportunity to spend an unusual and exciting night at the museum, Sleeping under the stars.

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One special opportunityAn unforgettable summer To spend the spirit of discovery, learning and fun!


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