December 3, 2023

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Science boxes from Wiener Neustadt for the whole family

LH Mikl-Leitner: Access to Low-Threshold Science Made Possible

Everyday phenomena have a very special charm for children. Curious and interested, even the youngest tries to understand the many special features.

This new “Science Fund” for Lower Austria specifically supports this curiosity and allows young researchers to immerse themselves in the world of science. The at-home experience kits contain amazing experiences that the whole family can take on an adventurous journey.

Children often have many questions. They want to “understand” the world in the truest sense of the word. We set ourselves the goal of encouraging them to do just that and building a bridge to the science topics for them at an early stage. With the Science Box, science terms are learned in a playful way, and necessary finger play and solution-oriented work are encouraged,” says Governor Joanna Mikl-Leitner, presenting Science Boxes.

Seven experiments in one box

Experimental kits were developed in collaboration with Association for Research and Education Umblick From Wiener Neustadt, it was developed and designed with scientific and pedagogical aspects in mind. The Science Chest contains seven experiments and includes a number of materials and special items required for them. For example, test tubes and measuring strips to determine the pH value or citric acid can be found in the box. When combined with one or the other common household item, there are various experiences for short or long experiences. From the age of six interested researchers can produce their own bioplastics, learn about the power of seeds or make paper flowers.

Donations to the Ukrainian population

The State of Lower Austria provides the scientific funds for a donation of 10 euros to the statewide aid project “Lower Austria Helps”. Deposit information is included in the box. “Requesting the Science Fund not only gives our children access to science, but also helps support the Ukrainian population in these difficult times. Access to education is a privilege that is currently being denied to countless families in Ukraine,” says Governor Michael Leitner. He stressed the importance of aid to Ukraine.

The Science Boxes will be available from 4 April at 10 a.m. at the Niederösterreich Science Center, under sciencecenter.noe.gv.atIt can be ordered in the “Leisure Science” category. Please note: A limited number of items are available. Applications can only be submitted online at the Niederösterreich Science Centre.

Science Squares is another initiative of the state of Lower Austria, which is being introduced as part of the Science Outreach. In addition to the successful Do-It-Yourself brochures, school science workshops, leisure time and science networking support events are also offered. More information about comprehensive science offers can also be found at the Niederösterreich Science Center.