July 13, 2024

Science: Better take precautions: Researchers develop ketchup for Mars settlers

Science: Better take precautions: Researchers develop ketchup for Mars settlers

Red Planet Ketchup? The researchers grew tomatoes in conditions like those on Mars. But what for?

Life is easier if you are well prepared. An obvious fact. But some take it too far in being well-groomed. Like the Heinz Craft of America. So the company that produces the world-famous Heinz ketchup.

Tomatoes are grown from soil free of fungi and microbes

In collaboration with the astrobiology team at the Aldrin Space Institute in Florida, the company has now successfully grown tomatoes under Martian conditions — and made ketchup from them at the same time. Mars ketchup, so to speak. For future settlers on the red planet. As soil quality on our planet deteriorates, the Aldrin Space Institute is looking for ways to enable the continuation of future generations on other planets. So a greenhouse was built on the premises of the institute, which simulates the growing conditions on the Red Planet as accurately as possible. Lighting, which simulates the weakest sunlight on Mars, was used, as well as 3,500 kilograms of similar Martian soil (unlike soil, for example, this does not contain any microbes or fungi that could be important for agriculture). It took two years of research. Look: There’s now Mars ketchup, which is supposed to taste like Heinz ground ketchup. But now we are assured. Like I said: good preparation is everything.

What about mars fries?

Finally, two notes. Where are the mars fries? And: Watch out for buyer’s ketchup production. Rotten eggs can taste a bit due to the gas giant’s methane atmosphere.

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