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The Junior Research Award is a newly designed science award from the Province of South Tyrol. Scholars who research topics relevant to South Tyrol are honored.

32 researchers have applied for the €10,000 prize. The majority of applicants work in South Tyrol, for example in research facilities at the Free University of Bozen, Eurac or Laimburg. Further applications were submitted from research centers in Innsbruck, Padua, Milan, Leiden and Munich.

Auer emergency physician Simon Rauch can look forward to this year’s Junior Research Award. The 37-year-old runs the intensive care unit at Merano Hospital, works on a rescue helicopter and does research at the Eurac Institute of Emergency Medicine in the Alps. For him, the award is an important recognition of the work that he and his team have done.

Now we have a greater motivation to develop emergency medicine in Alpine and improve patient care in this branch of emergency medicine.

Simon Rauch, Emergency Physician

In the future, Rauch and his team will primarily conduct research in the area of ​​avalanche emergencies.

We focus specifically on hypothermia and multiple shocks on the mountain and at the terraXcube Extreme Climate Simulation Center, we are researching high-altitude medicine.

Simon Rauch, Emergency Physician

In addition to Rauch, the jury nominated chemist Daniela Eisenstik and physician Andreas Bircher.


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