May 22, 2024

Science at school - Grenzach-Wyhlen

Science at school – Grenzach-Wyhlen

The Flagship is coming.

(BZ). As part of statewide “Chemistry Week” on September 22, 300 students from the Realschule and Lise-Meitner-Gymnasium can experience unexpected experiments, quizzes, and interpretations that spark curiosity about the natural sciences through “Science-Mobile.”

According to a press release from the Economic Development Agency, the Association for Chemistry and Pharmacy on the High Rhine has begun planning Chemistry Week keeping in mind how companies located on the Upper Rhine can spark enthusiasm for chemistry and pharmaceuticals and draw attention to themselves. as employers. “The lack of skilled workers and demographic developments lead to current challenges, so interested youth and future employees must be selected in different ways.”

As an offering, the association is now funding the Science Mobile visit in Grenzach-Wyhlen. Thus science is brought directly to the school. “In cooperation with Roche Pharma AG, we can make the site of an exciting event possible. Fortunately, school groups in grades 7-10 will be given access to the new multifunctional building on the campus in Grenzach, which will open in 2021,” he said. Silke Dubert, who is responsible for the visit as a coordinating business promoter, in the press release with. Young people rarely make it to the Roche campus with a view of a modern office and a view of the nearby area of ​​Grenzach, where nearly 3,000 employees work for four global companies.