June 21, 2024

Science and technology: Yuri Gagarin: Russia releases historical photos

Science and technology: Yuri Gagarin: Russia releases historical photos

Gauri Gagarin

Astronaut Yuri Gagarin shortly before the start of the first manned space flight. Photo: Lehtikuva / dpa

(Photo: dpa)

On this Monday, Gagarin’s Journey is celebrated on April 12, 1961 with exhibitions and events. At the astronaut’s landing site near the Russian city of Engels in the Saratov region on the Volga River, a park named after Gagarin was opened to explorers of the universe on Saturday.

The Russian Ministry of Defense announced the new online archive 60cosmonauts.mil.ru that these were unique testimonials – including personal information about the first astronauts. Reviews about Gagarin indicate that he is a brave and confident pilot with excellent results in all subjects – except for higher mathematics.

There are posts on the portal, among other things, about the two Soviet space travelers, German Titow and Alexej Leonow, who were the first to complete a “space walk”. In addition to the many photos – not least of which is Gagarin laughing in his spacesuit – the orders to deploy the leadership of the Communist country, which have always seen themselves in competition with the United States of America, can also be seen.

Gagarin’s 108-minute space flight was considered a major victory for the Soviet Union in the battle of systems in the Cold War. The document on naming the planet in 1772 after Gagarin is also shown. Soviet astronomer Lyudmila Chernich discovered the space object in 1977 and named it the first human in space.

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