July 14, 2024

Science and Technology: Vivaldi Browser wants to hide cookie banners

Science and Technology: Vivaldi Browser wants to hide cookie banners

Vivaldo wants to hide its cookie banners

Vivaldi wants to hide cookie banners not only on computers, but also on Android smartphones. Photo: Kathryn Weibel / dpa-tmn

(Photo: dpa)

The new Cookie Crumbler functionality is still in the testing phase, but since the recently released version 3.8 of Vivaldi, it can be tried – both on computer and on Android mobile devices.

Off to settings

To do this, go to “Extras / Settings / Privacy / Tracker and ad blocker” in the menu and click on “Manage Sources” and activate the “Remove cookie warnings” menu under “Ad blocker sources”.

From now on, website services that normally request consent to a cookie, along with a tracker or ad banner will be blocked, or the banner for the cookie dialog will be hidden.

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Blocklists are the backbone

This works on the basis of regularly updated blacklists, as it is also used to prevent tracking. If cookies land on the computer due to the banned banners blocking, Vivaldi’s built-in tracking blocker often prevents the user from monitoring for advertising purposes on the road across the network.

Vivaldi indicates that some websites may deny access due to a banner cookie blocker or they may not work as expected. The Vivaldi ad blocker and hence the cookie cutter should then be deactivated on such pages for full functionality.

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