December 2, 2023

Science and technology: Slim VR glasses are introduced for lifestyle

Science and technology: Slim VR glasses are introduced for lifestyle

HTC Vive Flow: The Slim Lifestyle VR Glasses Introduced

HTC Vive Flow should provide virtual worlds on the go. Photo: HTC / dpa-tmn

(Photo: dpa)

The content of the two LC boxes is displayed in the glasses In contrast to the “big” HTC Vive, geared toward gamers and industrial applications, the 189g Vive Flow’s focus is on entertainment and wellness.

With a 100-degree field of view and built-in speakers in brackets, it should instead invite you to watch a movie or to meditation and wellness programs. With HTC’s Vive Sync meeting platform, virtual conferences can also be held with other Vive and Flow users. Additional content such as entertainment or games is available on the Viveport Software Platform.

Wireless operation is possible

The content of the two square LC displays in the glasses (1600 to 1600 pixels) is transmitted wirelessly from your compatible Android smartphone. The device must be capable of transmitting Miracast, as well as HDCP 2.2 to transmit copy-protected video content.

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A small battery in the glasses allows cordless operation for a limited time. Electricity flows from your smartphone or power bank through the USB-C connector. Practical for convenient use: Active cooling not only keeps the chips inside the cups at a constant temperature. It also directs warm air from the space between the face and the screen outside. For those who wear glasses, there is also a vision correction for use without glasses.

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