July 15, 2024

Science and technology: Scanner applications can contain malware

Science and technology: Scanner applications can contain malware

Looking at the smartphone

With a malicious Android app, it’s often not immediately clear that it’s malware. Photo: Andrea Warnick / dpa-tmn / archive

(Photo: dpa)

Today hardly anyone has to install a flashlight app. Now it will be difficult to find a smartphone that does not have this function in the cradle from the manufacturer. With android devices, you swipe down over the edge of the screen, which opens what is called the status bar and then usually in front of you is a flashlight button. It’s the same with iPhones – only the area called Control Center.

What can my device do?

But there could be such a thing as a successor to dangerous flashlight apps, the dangerous barcode and QR code scanner apps that are common on app stores that contain malware. The problem here is that manufacturers have not considered the scanner functionality of their smartphones. Instead, many users don’t think to search for it on their device, but they just broke into the app store.

The first place you should look, as you will be successful with a lot of Android smartphones, is the camera: Open the Camera app, target the icon, and get many Android smartphones (from Android 9.0) and all iPhones a message Stating that the QR code has been recognized.

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What are the installed applications?

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And in almost all other cases, an Android smartphone has a simple scanner app from the manufacturer or a powerful scanner compatible image recognition app such as Google Lens or vision from Bixby Samsung.

Or, you can access the scanner function inside another application – for example in Firefox browser When opening a new tab – in other words: You’re unlikely to feel embarrassed about searching the App Store for a reliable scanner app.

Firefox scanner functionality