December 10, 2023

Science and technology: Pictures run like clocks

Science and technology: Pictures run like clocks


How practical when it should be 3:38 PM: At this time, you can see this photo on “”. Photo:

(Photo: dpa)

Otherwise, looking at a watch is usually no more than a means to an end. This in ” Humanclock.comOn the contrary. The main thing here is to accommodate times in the shapes of images. Visitors to the site are presented a new image every 60 seconds, the current time is either literally embossed or well-hidden.

Search and find time

These could be shells placed in the sand, quotes at a gas station, house numbers or pictorial hours that of course show the right time. In many photos, people carry the appropriate numbers or point them with their fingers.

In addition to a big picture for time, there are always 40 alternatives, with which you can – of course – click for 60 seconds before the new photos come with the new time. If you wish, you can add Human Clock to your website inclusion.

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Time postcards to come

In addition, 21 hours of video material with hours of one minute duration are on the page and a new project has been announced: a clock that displays the time with pictures of postcards and letters received by developer Giffen.

He doesn’t do any of this for the money. One of his hobbies is: “Websites that make you lose money,” says Griffen on Twitter. The human calendar Possibly one of these: For this page, the developer says he convinced his friends to put cards on them for the days of the week, days of the month, and of course the month and year. All images are arranged as a calendar, and they are constantly moving and quickly interacting with a mouse click.

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The human hour

Integration of the human clock on site

The human calendar