Science and Technology: New Google Maps Functions: Environmental Zones and Sound Mode

One finger click on the Google Maps app icon

Google Maps will have new functionalities on the go in the coming weeks. Photo: Zacharie Scheurer / dpa-tmn

(Photo: dpa)

Rolls for the coming months Google Also compare routes and means of transportation. Behind that is an AI that compares some basic data for the desired path. According to the service provider, users can then see at a glance which mode of transportation leads to their destination and at what time.

Over time, the app learns about the user’s preferences

It is also possible to make a direct comparison between the vehicle and other means of transportation. Over time, the app learns about users’ preferences and displays, for example, their favorite bike or subway tracks.

Starting April 5, there will also be assistance for people seated at the wheel with the assisted driving mode. The function allows you to send and receive calls and texts by voice, to check new messages in various messaging applications in one place or to read texts aloud. That’s it Google Possible without leaving the navigation screen.

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