June 24, 2024

Science and technology: iOS update bridges the security gap

Science and technology: iOS update bridges the security gap

IOS closes a sensitive security gap

Update to iOS 14.4.2 blocks a WebKit vulnerability for Apple’s browser engine. Photo: Till Simon Nagel / dpa-tmn

(Photo: dpa)

For some older iOS and iPad devices, the gap will close as well. The new version 12.5.2 is called here, like ” Hayes online“I mentioned. If you are still using iOS 13, you should switch to the latest version 14. The current update is the second iOS security patch within a very short time. At the beginning of March, a security issue has also been fixed.” Potential in WebKit.

The new iOS version is already running

According to the description, none of the security updates provides new functionality. These will only be available with the next major release of iOS and iPad OS. With iOS 14.5 and iPad OS, there should be a choice, iPads and iPhones with a device connected Apple, city, cat Watch to unlock. Current mask-wearing requirements make this a good choice for face-lock devices.

Another innovation is more transparency of applications. In the future, developers will not only have to disclose the data they collect. You will then also need to request permission to track ads.

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If you have not activated automatic updates, you will find the Update option in Settings under General / Software Update.

IOS update security details