December 7, 2023

Science and technology: holograms on the windshield of a car: Wayray shows a 3D display concept

Science and technology: holograms on the windshield of a car: Wayray shows a 3D display concept

holograms on car window

3D Images: Wayray wants to make a lot of information visible on car windows in the form of holograms. Photo: Wayray/dpa-tmn

(Photo: dpa)

3D information and game options

Where previously only simple figures or graphics could be displayed in the field of view, Wayray technology mirrors complex animations on parts, which can be visualized as 3D even without special glasses. It moves similarly to the vehicle, is controlled by line of sight and is appropriately positioned in the environment. The driver is thus better aware of the lane guidance or the functions of his assistance systems.

Entertaining content such as games or travel tips can be shown to passengers. Even ads can be displayed on the site – precisely in this way, the manufacturer continues.

All windows can become information areas

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According to the manufacturer, the system offers other advantages without costing much more: Compared to traditional head-up displays, it requires only about 10 percent of the installation space and can therefore be installed in all vehicles.

In addition, the image area is not limited to the windshield in front of the driver. But because the technology is based on a special film rather than a projector, all window areas of the car can be used.

Show car from Koenigsegg

To demonstrate this technology, Wayray, along with the design studio of sports car manufacturer Koenigsegg, have built a special show car, the hologram. The electric mini car is designed as the taxi of the future that the driver can control by remote control or by autopilot.

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According to the manufacturer, there are three seats behind the wing doors cut far into the ceiling, all of which provide the best visibility. And because someone else is driving so perfectly that the holograms can be enjoyed undisturbed, there are joysticks and touchpads for gaming and surfing on every armchair.