April 25, 2024

Science and Technology: “Artistic Escape”: Self-discovery in the frenzy of color

Science and Technology: “Artistic Escape”: Self-discovery in the frenzy of color

stage character

What is your theatrical character? In “The Artful Escape”, players begin a quest. Photo: Annapurna Interactive / dpa-tmn

(Photo: dpa)

In “The Artful Escape,” players go on a journey of self-discovery with Francis – and the help of some mind-expanding material. Wanted: His real theatrical character.

Intergalactic Encounters

Suddenly, Francis is no longer in Calypso, but on alien planets, wandering through colorful, mystical and absolutely crazy landscapes and meeting intergalactic characters. He doesn’t just meet alien gurus and friends or gain new tracks with audio samples. With each new world, Francis learns a new part of his life story and more about his relationships with his uncle.

Crazy guitar solos

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“The Artful Escape” is a platform game. The musician Francis runs and jumps – with him: his guitar. It is the basic element of the gameplay, with its help Francis can unleash various actions. For example, create platforms or fight opponents.

Music-critical alien bosses, whom he has to impress, also make life difficult for him on his journey. Using different key combinations, it doesn’t get incredibly difficult too much, Francis is increasingly playing solos and thus reaching new levels of his prowess.

“The Artful Escape” is currently available for PC and XBox for as little as €17.