December 10, 2023

Science: a phenomenon in space continues to baffle researchers

Science: a phenomenon in space continues to baffle researchers

Science: The mysterious phenomenon in space continues to baffle researchers

Science still faces a mystery (avatar).

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The Science You are still faced with a true mystery in the vastness of space.

It is about the mysterious space lightning, which is currently the astronomer-Science Works.

Science continues to confront this mystery of the universe

An example can be found in space. Scientists there were able to capture more than 500 radio flashes from space by scanning the sky. But the frequent references now pose new mysteries. The Spiegel.

Until now it was always a coincidence if a single bolt of lightning flashed in an area of ​​the sky that had just been targeted by a radio telescope. Now the radio sky has been systematically monitored in Canada. The researchers were able to capture a total of 535 fast radio bursts. There is now hope that this catalog can finally be used to solve the origin of this great mystery.

Science: Radio flashes were first discovered in 2001

The first radio flashes were recorded in 2001 – but at first they went unnoticed. Scientists noticed it only after five years. No one can explain the lightning strikes. Little by little, astronomers realized that they were on the trail of an unknown spectacle.

In 2014, a radio source tracked for the first time to flash more than once. These repeating radio bursts are called “repeats”. This discovery was worth gold for radio astronomers – they can now point their bowls specifically at these objects and thus study them more closely. But the radio flashes became even more confusing!

Science: More energy than the sun

However, a lot can be said: lightning signals must come from distant regions in space. It flashes three billion light-years away. To be detectable throughout this distance, it must send out the same amount of energy within milliseconds as the sun shines in a matter of hours!


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This power comes from a very small size. The shorter the signal, the smaller the source it can come from. Meaning: A thunderbolt that only lasts milliseconds must have its origin much smaller than Earth.

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Science: So far there is no exotic illustration of space lightning.

But what could that be? There are many ideas about this. However, according to “Spiegel“First of all, more things to examine. Through research done in Canada, new knowledge can be gained, but it has not yet been possible to fully explain what these lightning bolts are.

So it stays exciting… (see)

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