Science: a curious discovery in the Atlantic!

Science: a curious discovery in the Atlantic! A biologist can’t believe what he sees at the bottom of the ocean

Science: The marine explorer makes an amazing discovery. (icon image)

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Atlantic. Amazing discovery in the Atlantic Ocean! Explore the ocean world Christopher Mah two creatures Sciences surprises.

Not only happy with sea creatures Sciences, it also looks like two cartoon characters we all know.

Flag: two sea animals that look like famous cartoon characters

Oceanographer Mah made a funny discovery with the help of a deep-sea craft: in the depths of the Atlantic Ocean, he found a yellow sponge and a pink starfish lying next to each other. This is what the “Business Insider” website reports. The two marine creatures immediately reminded the researcher of an animated series.

What does Nickelodeon show “SpongeBob SquarePants” mean! There the yellow sponge SpongeBob and his best friend – the pink starfish Patrick Star – go on many adventures in the underwater Bikini City. Now it is clear: two friends exist not only in fiction, but also in real life.

Mah stresses that his discovery is very special, because the bright colors in which marine animals shine are very rare. There are over 8,500 types of sponges and very few of them can show off the boxy, yellow look we know and love from SpongeBob. But the sponge sample that Mah discovered is very close to the cartoon version. It’s the same with the glowing pink starfish that was seen lying next to the sponge. The photo of the “real” duo of friends has spread around the world.

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But the marine researcher pointed out that starfish like to eat sponges, so “interested in tradeThe real-life Patrick probably only meant to eat sponges – not that in the cartoon. (lbs)

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