May 23, 2024

Schalke: So erklärt Palsson seinen Wechsel in die USA

Schalke: This is how Palson explains his move to the United States

From FC Schalke 04 to the USA: this is the path taken by Victor Balson. The defensive specialist explains his decision.

After one season Victor Palson The Schalke 04 left again. The 31-year-old, who captained the team as an occasional team captain during the promotion year, is making the move DC United in MLS. On Thursday he said goodbye to Gelsenkirchen and looked back at “a rollercoaster ride with an incredible amount of emotion”.

Palsson is also looking to the future and talked about his new role in an interview with his future club. “I always thought I wanted to come back and play in the NBA,” the Icelandic player says there. Because: Palsson was already under contract in the US for a year and a half from the start of 2012. He played 16 games for the New York RB in that time and then spent a season on loan in the Netherlands.

Schalke leave, coach Palson now, Wayne Rooney

After about a decade, the defensive midfielder is back on the East Coast. Palson, who has signed a two-and-a-half-year contract, confirmed he was “still fit” and “plans a lot”. “I want to play for many years and I hope to be able to do it at this club.”

Wayne Rooney, a very prominent coach, was recently on the sidelines at the Capital Club. Was the English football legend’s courtship of Palson’s services what drove him to move to DC United? At least Rooney had “some influence” on his decision – but it was clearly not the biggest. “Honestly, the main reason I came to the US is because my family lives in North America, so I’ve been living away from my family for a while. That was really important to me,” Balson explained.

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The new club from the former Schalke Balson is at the bottom of the standings

The defensive midfielder played 30 matches in the second division for Schalke 04 last season. In the end there was a promotion and a second tier championship with Revierklub. Palson presents a contrasting picture at his new club, with the Washington team holding last place in the eastern season of the season underway since February. “I know the team is going through tough times at the moment but I hope I can help turn it around,” he said. Maybe as early as Sunday when it’s the first leg against Orlando City.