June 21, 2024

Sapphire Wings Rescuer and Stranger of Sword City Revisited are now available for the Nintendo Switch

Sapphire Wings Rescuer and Stranger of Sword City Revisited are now available for the Nintendo Switch

NIS America Released today Lifeguards of Sapphire Wings For Nintendo Switch. DRPG appears alongside a bonus adventure Stranger of Sword City revisited.

at Lifeguards of Sapphire Wings Players explore a story of war, darkness, and the power of friendship. The world was destroyed after the lord of darkness, Ol = Ohma, defeated the Knights of the Round – the last stronghold of mankind. One of these fallen knights returns to life after 100 years and gathers a new generation of heroes to defeat Ol = Ohma’s forces and restore light and hope. Players explore dungeons, use traps, and use various skills to defeat powerful monsters. In this way, they reinforce the bonds between allies to unleash the true potential of the RPG.

As a reward for all lovers Lifeguards of Sapphire Wings, The package also contains dungeon crawler Stranger of Sword City revisited, Including expanded character creation options, new items, and new equipment. Stranger of Sword City revisited It is a revised and improved version of the original game.


Knights of the assembly – Use all your might and deception to resist the Dark Lord’s powers. Put your group together and improve your playstyle using traps and tactics to exploit your opponents’ weaknesses so you can defeat the most powerful servants of the sinister ruler.

United in battle – Lead your alliance in battle and maintain it until the bond between the two of you grows closer. Only then can the true potential of the force develop. Away from the battlefield, you can interact with your buddies and discuss the past and future of your adventure.

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Dark Hunter – Set traps in your favor and defeat evil. Rare and powerful treasures are waiting for you.

Stranger of Sword City revisited – A bonus adventure requires all dungeon experience! This classic and engaging RPG contains additional content, including additional character creation options, in-game events, and new items and equipment.

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