Samsung wants you to know that the Galaxy S21 Ultra takes better photos of their grilled cheese sandwiches than the iPhone

Apple has had a hard time the past two weeks. It was dealt with first Epic Games legal challengeAnd now the company is under attack from Samsung, too. In a new video series, Samsung compares its videos Galaxy 21 Ultra To see which phone takes better photos on the latest Apple device –Check notes– Grilled cheese sandwiches?

While these 15-second ads do not break new ground in the vast world of marketing, they do convey the intended message quickly and effectively. Both areas begin with “It shouldn’t be an upgrade to an older phone.” The Galaxy S21 is equipped with a 108MP primary camera, which can capture more sticky details compared to the 12MP lens found on the iPhone 12 Pro Max. But maybe more than that, the colors on the S21 appear bolder and more saturated, and we dare say – much more appetizing.

I mean I would have eaten both of them without complaining.

The second point highlights the cleverly designed space zoom function, with which the S21 Ultra can be enlarged up to 100 times, creating a perfectly serviceable close-up of the moon. After comparing the S21 Ultra’s image to the image of a 12 Pro Max (over 5x optical zoom), viewers are asked to “upgrade to epic zoom.” 😎

When we get close, we can see what kind of cheese they are made of.

Finally, we have some good people having their little ones because Samsung reminds us how easy it is to use its software to capture still photos and record videos at the same time. Because who doesn’t like charming pug shots?

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If your daily workflow is to take photos of grilled cheese and zoom in on the moon, the S21 Ultra is the clear winner over the iPhone 12 Pro Max. The measurable impact of these ad sites may be controversial, but it is new to see that Samsung challenges a particular competitor in such a comparison from Apple to Apple. This isn’t the first time a South Korean company has stepped down from Apple, but we hope so It won’t backfire embarrassingly this time.

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