Samsung surprise: Galaxy Classic is equipped with the latest update

A surprise at Samsung: the slightly outdated Galaxy model is currently being equipped with the latest May manufacturer’s update. It appears that only users in Germany are currently receiving the new patch.

Samsung has a little surprise in store for many users: Like the “SamMobile” page mentionedThe Galaxy Note 9, which is now four years old, is getting the latest May update. The latest patch closes a total of 33 security vulnerabilities. So users should update as soon as the new version is available for their smartphones.

The update is currently only rolling out in Germany. However, other European markets are likely to follow in the next few days.

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Samsung Galaxy Note 9: The four-year-old Galaxy phone is equipped with the latest update

Surprise at Samsung: The Galaxy Note 9 is currently receiving the May update.
Surprise at Samsung: The Galaxy Note 9 is currently receiving the May update.


Samsung launched the Galaxy Note 9 back in 2018 with Android 8.1 on board. Therefore, the May 2022 update comes as a bit of a surprise, as the manufacturer usually supplies its devices with patches for about three years. Since the Note 9 is still very popular today, it’s possible that Samsung has made an exception here.

If you have deactivated automatic updates on your Galaxy cell phone, you can also do it manually. We have how this works on Android devices Summarized here for you.

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