Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 5: Bigger Cover Screen with Notch?

The fifth generation of Samsung’s foldable design is scheduled to be released this year. Leaks and rumors reveal in advance how the Galaxy Z Flip 5 differs from its predecessors. We’ve summarized the information on the fifth face so far.

The Galaxy Z Flip 4 (testing) was a disappointment to many fans of foldable phones — at least if they wanted noticeable improvements over its predecessor. The only real difference between the Flip 4 and the third generation is the longer battery life. However, in terms of design and hardware, there have been no major changes. That could change now with the Galaxy Z Flip 5.

As usual, the following Beware of leaks and rumours. There is certainty only with the official announcement from Samsung itself.

Design and presentation

analyst According to Ross Young It should be the Galaxy Z Flip 5 Notable progress, especially with the cover screen Make. This second screen is located on the outside of the foldable smartphone, but for now it performs more functions that we know from smartwatches or fitness bracelets: in addition to payments with Samsung Pay, the use of previous cover screens is limited to viewing the calendar, changing music or reading notifications.

Photo: Technizo Concept, SuperRoader

According to Young, the size of the second screen on the Galaxy Z Flip 4 is still 1.9-inches on the Galaxy Z Flip 5. They grow to 3 to 3.26 inches. known leak ice world Talks up to 3.4 inches. With such an enlarged image area, there are far more possible applications for cover art, at least on paper.

New show video, collaboration from Samsung “SuperRoader” insider and Technizo Concept designer Also shown is an unusual shape of this cover screen. Instead of a rectangular design, the top edge of the rear display — just below the cameras — should have a coil A slit-like indentation Displays. According to SuperRoader, this look, reminiscent of the Windows folder icon, is definitely the final design.

Galaxy Z Flip 4 hinge

Another innovation that should please the critics of the predecessor concerns the hinge: through the so-called Water drop detail The fold between the two halves of the screen should be noticeably narrower. With the Galaxy Z Flip 4, the two halves don’t lie on top of each other.

Performance, storage and battery

Ice Universe also claims that it has received preliminary information about the technical features of the Galaxy Z Flip 5. As with the flagship Galaxy S23 series, the foldable shell should also have The overclocked Snapdragon 8 Gen2 processor from Qualcomm.

colleagues from Sammobile Again became Flip 5 storage options leaked. The memory configurations themselves shouldn’t differ from those of the Flip 4, again it stands 128, 256 or 512 GB To determine. However, while the 128GB model still uses UFS 3.1 storage, the Both larger storage options upgrade to faster UFS 4.0 storage.


The information on the camera equipment of the Galaxy Z Flip 5 is still very poor at the moment. The dual camera can be seen in the photo slideshow, which shouldn’t come as a surprise considering previous Flip models. Galaxy Z Flip 4 is again equipped with two 12-megapixel sensors, and the main sensor has been enlarged from 1/2.55-inch to 1/1.76-inch compared to Flip 3.


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