May 23, 2024

Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 dead after update

Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 dead after update

A Samsung Galaxy Watch software update is currently being rolled out globally. However, after the update, some of the clocks can no longer run.


The basics in brief

  • Anyone who owns a Galaxy Watch 4 from Samsung should be especially careful right now.
  • The current update could make the smartwatch unusable in the worst case.
  • Samsung has already confirmed the problem and is working on a fix.

Complaints have been accumulating in forums and negative headlines about the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 over the past few days, and the reason: a software update that is currently being distributed worldwide. A watch can do this completely ruined.

Samsung Galaxy Watch 4: Do not install update «VI3»

It is located around About software update Version «VI3» – that is, all updates should be avoided with this end. After installation, some models seem to find that the watch simply cannot be turned on. Technically, the clock is “ruined.” According to “t3n”, Samsung has already registered the issue and officially confirmed it.

The manufacturer states that there are a limited number of models affected by the error. The update rollout has already been discontinued.

An updated version that resolves the issue will be distributed soon. Until then, no Update around the clock to install.

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