Samsung Galaxy S23 and S23+ camera: some users are complaining that there is a lot of visual noise in photos, the issue is partially reproducible

Speculation about possible causes

The above images were taken automatically at three different locations and not under controlled conditions, so we apologize for the different search results. However, the two images from the Galaxy S23+ camera in particular should show that Samsung definitely has a potential quality issue here. By the way, we also tested if the problem also occurs in RAW mode in order to rule out software problems, such as AI algorithms, but the Galaxy S23+ image jam was also kept as a dng file.

Which brings us to the possible cause of this issue, which according to various forum reports was already observed with the Galaxy S22 but was not widely discussed in the media there either. For example, the previous generation overhaul brought an obvious remedy, such as user schafxpp Shown here in two pictures for comparison. The Galaxy S23 or Galaxy S23+ is also not likely to have quality control deficiencies and therefore it is recommended that the camera module be replaced at a Samsung Service Center or an exchange at a retailer.

On the other hand, a software issue seems unlikely, especially since not all Galaxy S23 or Galaxy S23+ users are affected, and of course it cannot be completely ruled out. By the way, our Galaxy S23 and Galaxy S23+ reviews will be online within the next few hours.

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