September 30, 2023

Samsung announced Galaxy Unpacked on October 20

Samsung announced Galaxy Unpacked on October 20

October this year is also tough in the tech world. Next week there is an open event from Samsung. What was presented is not clear.

The basics in brief

  • Next week, Samsung invites you to another Galaxy Unpacked this year.
  • With the title “Galaxy Unpacked Part 2” a lot will be presented on October 20.
  • And so, after Apple and Google, Samsung joined the introduction round.

Tech enthusiasts have been around for years Herbst There is talk of ‘tech November’ when events pile up in September. But as in previous years, this phenomenon also extends to this year’s Techtober. Next to Google’s competitors And An apple Samsung will also hold another big event next week.

Samsung introduces ‘Galaxy Unpacked Part 2’

As is often the case with these events, the current invitation to the occasion is vague and does not directly reveal what it is about. However, the presentation of the new One UI is definitely clear Android 12 for current Galaxy devices. The name also indicates that the event will be based on an earlier Galaxy Unpacked device this year. So it might be going around here All about foldable devices from Samsung.

It will be possible to visualize new designs or colors for the Galaxy Z Fold 3 and Z Flip 3 View of the Galaxy S21 FE Possible, but unlikely. Whether this device ever trade Creates, is still in the stars.

It won’t be revealed what actually happens at the event until October 20, 4pm CST. However, the day before, fans could look forward to a show google browser Pixel 6 looking forward. There will also be another keyword from the company the day before An apple.

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