December 10, 2023

Salmonella in "Children's Chocolate": Toddler (3) has to go to the hospital

Salmonella in “Children’s Chocolate”: Toddler (3) has to go to the hospital

A three-year-old boy from England has been diagnosed with Salmonella and admitted to hospital. Previously, he consumed “children’s chocolate”.

Ferrero had to recall several Kinder branded products. Little Brooklyn-May fell ill from it. © Gallery:, Victoria Jones / PA Wire / dpa

Charlotte Elizabeth Wingfield is deeply concerned. His three-year-old daughter, Brooklyn-Mai, became infected with Salmonella after eating Kinder chocolate.

As the mother said in the emotional Facebook post, the little girl behaved very badly. At first the family thought it was a benign gastrointestinal infection.

But when the daughter, who had been sleeping all night for 24 hours, was suffering from fever, the mother knew something was wrong. Post-hospital confirmation: Brooklyn-Mai is suffering from Salmonella.

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“She was completely dead behind her eyes and was lifeless,” the mother describes her daughter’s condition. Charlotte Elizabeth Wingfield continued, “It was absolutely heartbreaking to see my casual adventure and the very opposite of what a very active little girl looks like.”

Salmonella infection is especially dangerous for children and the elderly. The disease should not be underestimated.

On Facebook, he now warns other parents about the dangers of Salmonella: “Please check the production date of your chocolate and throw it away if it is affected by the recall.”

Brooklyn-Mai is now back with her family. Charlotte Elizabeth Wingfield reported in a new Facebook post on Sunday that her daughter has not yet come out of the woods.

“She was in severe pain again” and needed medical attention again.

So far, Ferrero has not responded to the Facebook post. The Belgian state prosecutor is investigating.

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