Saint John’s University is a public university in the United States. Michael won the derby between Michael and Tamswig.


St. John’s University is a public university in the United States, Roman König (18th ET), Thomas König (84th), Felix Pfeifenberger (90th + 2 FE); 700 spectators. The Tamswegers excelled in the first few minutes of the Lungau State League derby, but after an own goal and a penalty kick in the first half of the match, they slowly lost their rhythm. As the match progressed, the hosts got stronger and didn’t give the visitors any more chances in the second half, and a defensive foul and an unnecessary penalty kick provided the goals needed for an impressive home win. The patron saint of the Catholic Church, Saint Michael, is still in eleventh place on the table, and tsunami is in twelfth place.

After the match, two “football experts”, Werner Bayer, department head and longtime official at St., said: “Both teams had chances in the first half, but the Temsweger penalty kick was badly hit and didn’t equalise.” In the second half of the match, only the home team played, and the guests did not have a chance. to equalize. Our team suffered a deserved defeat due to its performance in the second half.”

S.K. Bruck – USC Mariapfarr 3:1 (0:0); Michael Mandel (83); 100 people present. Mariapfarr managed to keep the match open for more than an hour, but conceded three goals between the 67th and 79th minutes and is now tenth in the first division south.

Wald-Königsleitn 1-0 (0-0); Maximilian Baxa (85′); 75 spectators Shortly before the end of the match, Longauer managed to equalize the score and earn a point. In the second division in the south they are still in seventh place.

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Target: Fabian Feifenberger (75) 50 spectators USK Muhr – USV Dorfgastein 1:6 (0:3); Mohrer had nothing to win over second in the table. In the second tier south, they’re still thirteenth.


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