December 8, 2023

Safari breaks the billion mark in user numbers

Safari breaks the billion mark in user numbers

Apple Safari is the second browser ever to reach 1 billion users. This is firmly establishing itself at number two in the world.

The basics in brief

  • The Cupertino web browser has recently reached an important stage.
  • Only the second browser ever, Safari now has over a billion users.
  • However, he remains the undisputed No. 1 on the podium with significant progress.

For years, Apple’s Safari has been the world’s second most used web browser across all platforms. That place on the podium Can the browser from Cupertino Now underline it with an important line. For the first time, it crossed the one billion user mark.

Safari as the eternal number 2

As the team’s analysis at Atlas VPN shows, appleThe browser is currently over 1’006’232’879 users. This number spans across all platforms, such as mobile and desktop. This corresponds to about 19 percent For everyone on the Internet.

Yet it remains The Google Chrome is the undisputed leader with less than 3.3 billion. The tech giant’s browser thus reaches nearly two-thirds of all users on the World Wide Web. The distance is a little smaller To Bronze Center Microsoft Edge. Currently, nearly 212 million users congregate here, and the trend is rising.

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