July 15, 2024

Russian manicure – how dangerous is the new trend for flawless nails?

Russian manicure – how dangerous is the new trend for flawless nails?

Today we are not showing a hot nail design look or a trendy nail polish color, but a new manicure trend! The Russian manicure is all the hype at the moment. Here we will tell you how you should do your manicure and what risks it poses.

What is a Russian manicure?

New color trends or hip nail shapes regularly exist, but manicure trends rarely do. Because what will change here? Scheme F: Files, Shaps, and Care always work the same way.

Until now, because the Russian manicure is a slightly different version of the dry manicure. The main difference is that the cuticle is not pushed back or trimmed, but rather removed entirely with an electric nail file. The result has a Photoshopped finish, because nails look flawless, they appear longer and there’s more room for stylish nail designs.

Russian manicure: why is the manicure trend dangerous?

Unfortunately, what looks great at first glance also carries risks: the thin white layer of skin in the area of ​​\u200b\u200bthe nail bed, the so-called eponychium, which is removed during the Russian manicure, is a kind of protective wall. Removing it facilitates the entry of germs and bacteria and leads to infection. With regular removal, it can also lead to buildup in the skin as a protective reaction to persistent infections. If the cuticles are too dry, the manicure can become painful.

So if you are considering a Russian manicure, you should definitely go to a professional who really masters this manicure technique. However, it must be said at this point that a very good manicure can achieve the same Photoshop finish and is in no way inferior to the Russian manicure.

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