Russia warns US against imposing sanctions on Putin

Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov warned that if the United States were to impose sanctions on Vladimir Putin, it would be a severance of relations.

The basics in brief

  • Russia is finding clear words about possible US sanctions against Putin.
  • According to the Kremlin, such a decision would be a border crossing.

Russia has The United States has strongly warned against imposing sanctions on heads of state Vladimir Putin age.

« Sanctions President It will cross a line that would amount to a severance of relations.” Kremlin– Spokesman Dmitry Peskov in Moscow on Thursday.

Moscow denies plans to launch an attack

The United States and other Western countries It was Russia In the past few weeks it has threatened wide-ranging sanctions in the event of an invasion of Ukraine.

Senators from the Democratic Party of the President of the United States Joe Biden On Wednesday, he presented a bill imposing sanctions against Putin, head of government Mikhail Mishustin, high-ranking representatives of the military and the Russian banking sector in the event of Russia’s attack on Ukraine.

Moscow denies any plans to launch an attack. Peskov criticized the move by US senators as not helping to create a “constructive atmosphere” for international deliberations on the conflict in Ukraine.

The talks have not made any progress so far

Diplomatic efforts to ease tensions will continue on Thursday inside the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE) in Vienna. Wednesday was the first time in two years then– The Russian Council met. However, the deliberations did not achieve a breakthrough.

Representatives of the United States and Russia met for high-level talks in Geneva on Monday. Washington again warned of the Russian invasion of Ukraine. the then It also rejects the Russian demand for security guarantees. the Kremlin He wants to ban the further eastward expansion of the military alliance and the establishment of US military bases in the countries of the former Soviet sphere of influence.

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