Russell Wilson wants to play “20 Years” for the Seattle Seahawks

MUNICH – Dissatisfaction with General Manager John Schneider, too many bags, no success: Much has been written recently about the relationship between Russell Wilson and the Seattle Seahawks.

The franchised midfielder prefers one deal after the season, and the no-trade clause in the contract can be resolved for three teams.

An ESPN reporter claimed the New York Giants, New Orleans Saints and Denver Broncos played a role in the 33-year-old’s mind.

None of this seems to correspond to the truth in any way, and Wilson seems to see himself in the US Northwest for a long time to come. When asked if he wants to fulfill his contract in Seattle by 2023, Ross said that’s exactly his hope — and more.

Seattle Seahawks: Russell Wilson committed

“I hope to not only fulfill this contract, but to play here for the next 20 years of my career,” said Signal Caller. He emphasized that the ESPN report was “not a story.”

“None of this is currently going on in my head. I love Seattle. This is a place I’ve loved every day and every moment until now,” he says of the city he’s called his home for over ten years.

Not everything has been going smoothly for the team, but the Seahawks will still have the season in their hands. “There’s still five weeks and more,” Wilson continued. “Here I am in my head.” Currently, the Seahawks are last in the NFC West with a 4-8 record.

Hawks fans can breathe a sigh of relief for now and keep buying their idol t-shirts without having to worry that Wilson will soon be wearing different colors. Still, in the NFL field, you can’t be sure of that.

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20 years with the Seattle Seahawks? “Will that happen? I don’t know. But I pray for him. That’s my hope,” he said. The city of Seattle doesn’t have to hear much more right now.

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