June 14, 2024

Running without a smartphone: alternatives to fitness trackers and smartwatches

Running without a smartphone: alternatives to fitness trackers and smartwatches


Would you run without a smartphone, smartwatch or fitness tracker and still track and record your route? It sounds surreal, but thanks to many methods it is already possible.

Like smartwatches and fitness trackers, smartphones can interfere with running. We offer you alternatives. (Source: Maridav /Depositphotos.com)

Jogging is part of the daily life of an increasing number of people. A morning lap around the lake or in the city park is a must. I’m sure many of you are using it fitness tracker smart phone or smart watchTo record your route and elapsed time.

But nowadays, there are many methods that make it possible to track running tracks without an electronic device. Advantage: You don’t have to think about the device or ask yourself questions like “Where do you put your smartphone while jogging?Below we give you the appropriate options.

AlsterRunning: Record Hamburg’s most famous running track with a chip

The AlsterRunning system is unique in Germany. In Hamburg, six measuring stations were installed around the Otter Alster, that is, on the most famous running route of the Hanseatic city. They can be used to measure time in individual sections of the road as well as in general.

To the AlsterRunning website

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And this is how the system works: Each registered runner gets a chip that is attached to the shoe, under or between the laces. When passing the measurement station, the chip uses RFID technology to communicate with inductive loops in the ground. The station receives a chip number, which can be uniquely assigned to the runner. The exact time to pass is recorded and saved. The time distance is calculated from this.

Exact data when operating in the online account

AlsterRunning is free to use, only the chip costs about 20 euros once. A second bracket is available for €10 if multiple running shoes are used. You can access and share data stored in the portal with others. The site also has a leaderboard showing the fastest times of the day and the best new personals shows.

Useful: According to the website, the chip can only be used on an Alster exterior. The program recognizes if you have also walked around the Binnenalster and also adds the distance. The slide can also be used at many Hamburg running events. This includes the Hella Hamburg Half Marathon, Barmer Alsterlaf Hamburg and many more.

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