June 16, 2024

Rumor: Next Level Games is working on a modded version of the F-Zero GX – ntower

Almost all of Nintendo’s franchises are now represented on the Nintendo Switch. However, there are some exceptions, including Star Fox or Tomodachi Life. Crazy Nintendo fans are even dreaming of a new F-Zero game, the series that spawned the Super Smash Bros. fighter. Captain Falcon. GBA games aside, the franchise was able to say goodbye with a bang on the GameCube. F-Zero GXdeveloped by SEGA, is considered by many to be the greatest of futuristic racing games and even then it introduced modern features such as 16:9 mode.

A new rumor, first revealed on the Nintendo Prime YouTube channel, now hints at a possible return of the Nintendo franchise. This is how it should be Next level gameswho made their name with last year’s Mario Strikers: Battle League Football and before that with Luigi’s Mansion 3, on one Remastered From the GameCube F-Zero GX. This won’t be a new game, but at least since Metroid Prime Remastered, we know what the Nintendo Switch is technically capable of. The visual upgrade with online mode should make a lot of fans very happy.

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Are you going to be excited about the F-Zero GX Remastered?

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