June 21, 2024

Rumor about Berghain - Has the world's most famous techno club closed down?

Rumor about Berghain – Has the world’s most famous techno club closed down?

According to a media report, Berghain in Berlin could close its doors. The legendary club is silent. What is the excitement of the scene?

Berghain is an institution in the nightlife of Berlin. But Berghain is also an attraction beyond Berlin’s city limits: music lovers and party lovers from all over the world come to Friedrichshain Kreuzberg for a techno club. But now there is turmoil in the club scene: Faze magazine reported on FridayThat club could close this year. There are no official sources for this, but the magazine notes “an insider entangled in the scene.”

Can’t verify this on Friday. The club has so far left an online request to Berghain unanswered. The post by the alleged insider continues: “Last week, people were already amazed at the confirmed reports that Berghain […] The in-house booking agency is closing. And at the speed of the whole club.”

In fact, Berghain’s private agency – “Ostgut Booking” – will cease operations at the end of the year, Groove Mag, among others, has reported. Berliner Zeitung cites another argument in favor of Berghain’s closure: No record has been released on the in-house brand Ostgut Ton since December 3, 2021. On the other hand, the paper learned from a Berghain-based DJ that his reservation for 2023 has continued normally so far.