June 20, 2024

Rugby League wakes up from hibernation

Rugby League wakes up from hibernation

The 2021/2022 season continues: The Second Division League begins in the second half of the season next Saturday. Photo: Alternative Photographer

It’s been a long time since the top two divisions of the German rugby world regularly competed for the pill. The last game of the first half of the season took place in the second southern German league last November.

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Mixed first half

When the sports association StuSta Freimann of Munich hosts Sport-Union Neckarsulm next Saturday, the second half of the southern Bundesliga is officially open. The game begins at 2pm on the sports grounds of the Roßmarkt in Neckarsulm, the rugby stadium dedicated to Sport-Union.

Department head Sven Neubert and coach Daniel Ludic can remember the mixed first half of the season for their team: They’ve come out of seven games with three wins and four defeats. However, Neckarsulmer is currently fourth in the second German Bundesliga south with 14 points. With a total of eight teams, one could speak of a comfortable starting position in the middle of the table. But fierce competitor Heidelberger TV and Rugby Club Unterföhring also have 14 points, but have played one fewer than six matches so far.

everything is possible

Neckarsulmer is under a certain pressure to perform and wants to achieve something this season. In purely mathematical terms, anything is still possible for Sport-Union Neckarsulm. You can even dream of being promoted to the first German Bundesliga. The road to second place in the table and the chance associated with the promotion game to the first German Bundesliga on June 11 is still very long and difficult. This is why winning over SV StuSta is essential. “SV Stosta Freeman is once again a strong contender for the title this season. So there will be a tough game on Saturday, no doubt about that,” Neckarsulm head Sven Neubert said in an interview.

SV StuSta is currently second in the table with 22 points and has lost only once this season. The last confrontation between Sport-Union and Spelferringung in Munich last September ended with the defeat of Neckarsulm in the 20:33 minute.

Newcomer to the Sports Federation

“We counted third or fourth place in the table as our target for this season, because we currently have a good team showing great motivation with 26 players present in the last training session,” Neubert continued.

Sport-Union can also look to some newcomers as support. For example, they recently signed England midfielder Harrison Tanner from the UK.