December 3, 2023

Rubble found - no hope of rescuing a submarine crew off Bali - news

Rubble found – no hope of rescuing a submarine crew off Bali – news

  • Indonesian search teams have found suspected parts of a lost fishing submarine since Wednesday, off the coast of Bali.
  • Therefore, it is now assumed that the “KRI Nanggala-402” has sank, said the army chief of the Southeast Asian country.
  • Thus, hopes of finding survivors diminish.

Finders included a bottle of lubricant for the binoculars and a torpedo box. “The things that were found near the last site of the submarine were taken for parts of the submarine,” said Army Commander Hadi Tjjanto. Parts cannot exit the submarine without pressure. This statement indicates that the underwater vehicle could have crashed at a great depth.


Hadi Tjjanto (center) shows the parts that may have come from the missing submarine during a press conference.


The German ship “KRI Nanggala-402” had 53 sailors. She had sailed through Surabaya, Java and was participating in a torpedo attack training when she lost radio contact on Wednesday morning about 95 kilometers north of Bali. The Indonesian Navy warned Thursday that the crew will only have enough oxygen until early Saturday morning.

International search assistance

An Australian warship and a US private aircraft also took part in the search on Saturday. In addition, the Singapore Navy ‘MV Swift Rescue’ rescue vessel and ships from Malaysia and India are expected off the coast of Bali. The Australian frigate HMS Ballarat joined the search operation off Bali on Saturday. The Poseidon P-8, a specially equipped submarine hunting aircraft, participated on the US side.

Built in Germany in the late 1970s

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The lost submarine is in an undated recording.


The diesel-electric submarine, weighing 1,395 tons and measuring approximately 60 meters in length, was built by Howaldtswerke-Deutsche Werft (HDW) in Kiel at the end of the 1970s. A complete overhaul was completed in South Korea in 2012. It is one of five submarines in the Indonesian Navy.

The Navy suspected that “KRI Nanggala-402” was underwater from 600 to 700 meters. According to the manufacturer, the ship is only designed for a diving depth of between 250 and 500 meters. A helicopter later discovered an oil slick in the water in the area, but it was not clear if it came from the wrecked submarine. Significant magnetic force is also found there.

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