March 3, 2024


RUAG and Raytheon collaborate on the Schweizer Patriot System

RUAG and Raytheon want to work together on the procurement and use of a new ground-based air defense system with extended range (BODLUV GR) for the Swiss Army. Raytheon President Wes Kremer and RUAG CEO Andreas Berger signed a declaration of intent in an in-person meeting, according to a joint communication between the two companies.

At the end of June 2021, the Swiss Federal Council – the country’s government – decided to purchase five Patriot fire units as the BODLUV GR defense system as part of the Air2030 program to protect the airspace. This makes Switzerland the eighteenth user of the Patriot worldwide and the eighth European country to use it.

The offer for Switzerland was made by Raytheon Technologies in cooperation with the Swiss companies Rheinmetall Air Defense AG and Mercury Systems, Inc. As announced by RUAG and Raytheon, RUAG provides most of the maintenance and training capabilities for the Patriot systems. This includes the production of specialized maintenance and support materials, the production of simulators for maintenance training and the adaptation of vehicles and trailers to Swiss mobility conditions. The letter also states that RUAG will also operate a Patriot system maintenance, repair and overhaul center.

In order to benefit from international experience and to ensure the interoperability of its systems, Switzerland also joins the International Operational Group for Ground-Based Air Defense Systems after approval by the Federal Council. Founded in 2016, this group includes Germany, Finland, the Netherlands, Norway, Austria, Poland, Sweden, Slovakia, the Czech Republic, Hungary, the United Kingdom and the United States. By participating in the group of operators, the Federal Council sees an opportunity to benefit from the experiences of friendly countries and to avoid known problems with the introduction and operation of BODLUV.

RUAG and Raytheon collaborate on the Schweizer Patriot System

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