RTL star Lola Weippert speaks plain text: ‘I regret something’

Lola Weippert is candid with her Instagram community about a topic close to her heart.Photo: Sebastian Reuter/Getty Images for Weltstadthaus am Tauentzien

Annika Danielmir

RTL presenter Lola Weippert regularly takes her Instagram community with her during her daily life. about 536000 People Follow it there – and they’ll get plenty of it life mediator with. Lola Weippert shows off her daily career, but often shares private moments and thoughts.

She also talks very honestly with her Instagram community on various topics. She’s that honest with her husband now Opinion above Germany. She reveals what she values ​​about the country, why in some ways this has not always been the case, and reveals what led her to revise many of her prejudices.

Lola Webert speaks frankly about prejudices

“I frankly admit that I regret how harsh my judgment of Germany has often been,” revealed Lola Webert in a recent post. I have always been aware of the following:

“It’s 6 in the lottery to be born in Germany, to grow up in a democracy with a great deal of freedom, our social system, free education and all the opportunities we have.”

However, she affirms: The Germans were “often too unfriendly, too angry and too conservative”. Get rid of this prejudice Instagram Open now. She recently decided to turn her back on Germany for a few weeks and live in New York for a while. But apparently not everything was so great. Now she admits that time has changed her view somewhat.

I realized that not all is well in New York

In New York, everything is first “cool and wonderful,” the surface friendliness is “giant,” according to the “Treatment Island” announcer. At first you’re happy of course, but then Lola realized:

With these experiences they are in United State And New York, its view of Germany has also changed. The 26-year-old says she is starting to “enjoy the country and the people a lot more”. She explains that it may take a little longer here to “break the supposed whiners”. “But then it gets very warm and you can simply count on it,” she said excitedly.

Lola also remembers to praise a very specific quality that is typical German. She writes: “I love German reliability.”

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