RTL presenter Lola Webert doesn’t care about criticizing nudity

Lola Webert humorously reacts to criticism of her person.Photo: Instagram / Lola Weippert

Emki Gerets

Lola Weippert has a huge following on Instagram. 530,000 people follow her there and can see the insights she shares provided from her daily life. While her show “Skate Fever” was starting on RTL Zwei, the 26-year-old was in New York. She has spent longer here, but will be returning to Berlin about a week after her stay again in Las Vegas. This is where you live.

In her Instagram story, she informs her community about her trip to Niagara Falls and her plans, which she would like to put into practice in the last few days in the USA. While talking to her fans, Lola was only wearing a towel. Perhaps this was not for everyone, because Lola immediately received a critical comment, which she made public.

The fact that Lola was only wearing a towel was criticized.

The fact that Lola was only wearing a towel was criticized.Photo: Instagram / Lola Weippert

Lola Webert responds to negative comments with humor

On her account, Lola first shared the message she received from a reel user. In this he said: “Get dressed, who’s in front of the camera? Is this a business model? It would be a shame.” The TV star said directly to the user: “Dear Andreas, yes damn it, you saw through me and you’re right: of course it’s a business model, because I’m selling towels from now on. I have a discount code for you, it reads: ‘Old-Fashioned Ideas’.”

And also: “If you swipe right now, you will get your stuck mentality at 100 percent and you will be automatically upgradedYou don’t have to pay anything for it and suddenly you have fresh ideas and a fresh mindset and you no longer write such letters. How about now just swipe up, good luck and get well soon.”

So far, more than 15,000 people have marked the post with hearts. Her fans celebrate her for the quick reaction. One follower wrote: “I think the way you deal with hate is so cool. I’m celebrating and smiling.”

Another was also amused by Lula’s counterattack, writing with a wink: “As if I’d been waiting all the time for the towel to rip and watching the ‘most important’ parts give him the right one to rub under the nose.” Another subscriber succinctly wrote: “Get this laugh.”

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