Royals: Bang in England

May 6: Has the Queen spoken any word of authority?

It is clear: there have been speculations for weeks about any members of the royal family On the balcony with the Queen at the Platinum Annual Festival Watch the Trooping The Color parade. Now it is clear: Neither Prince Andrew nor Prince Harry and the Duchess of Megan Will be at this prestigious event Stand near the queen. The report is surprising, after all, that the situation between the Queen and Sussex seems to have eased again after their secret visit to Great Britain. About Harry’s latest interviewIn it he again dealt actively with Prince Charles and Prince William. The reason for the decision? Or Harry’s current dispute with the UK Home Office?

Even the queen is surprised Andrew very clear denial Given. At the memorial service for Prince Philip, she also took her favorite son to church. After all, the tough decision says that this time the heirs to the throne, Charles and William, have clearly won. What do you think Harry has to say about that?

May 5: Is Prince of Wales violating the Iron Rule?

There is a lot of speculation about what Charles will do differently from the Queen one day when he is the Queen. Royal expert Andrew Pierce is now putting a new idea into action. “I suspect cDrop the Horse desire.Reason: There was no heir to the throne in British history when Charles was king. Andrew Pierce suspects Charles. He soon handed over his office to William Can give place to the next generation. Will it really come? Want to see that.

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May 4: Charlotte receives this for her birthday

Princess Charlotte celebrated her seventh birthday a few days ago. In memory of the little princess Two parties were held, Reveals an introspection. Charlotte is said to have a special preference: A pony!She has been practicing horse riding for over a year and she is obsessed with it“, It says. If further evidence is to be believed, Prince William and the Duchess of Gate were able to give birth to their only daughter. Do not deny desire. “William and Kate realized that riding a horse was not a stage, and they finally agreed to buy her one.“If that’s true, Charlotte should be one of the happiest seven-year-old girls in the world.

May 3: The Dutch settle with Konik

The Dutch royal family has been with one for a long time Massive image problem To put up a fight. King Willem-Alexander and Queen Maxima made a special effort with their people during the plagues. Not very popular. Now there is a receipt: more than half of those surveyed for a TV show, to be precise, 56%, expressed their confidence in their king. Although Maxima is a little popular, her value of 69% is nothing more than addiction. One Sober account with the royal familyIt feeds thought into Willem-Alexander and Maxima.

May 2: Princess Beatrice and Eduardo Mabelly Mosi name their baby

Was long Speculated about this baptism Was, and now it has happened in a very small circle. According to British media reports, Princess Beatrice and her husband Edordo have their youngest daughter Sienna Baptized in St. James Chapel. It’s aPersonal family celebration“I am,” a source told the Daily Mail. The queen is said not to be there, but Prince Andrew was.

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Here you can see what happened to the royal families of Europe last week.

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