Royal yachts: this is how the royal family travels the world at sea

Long before the word “luxury yacht” was automatically associated with Russian businessmen or Arab oil billionaires as owners, a small, select group of ship lovers owned the finest ships built for centuries: Europe’s royal families.

The lavishly furnished, crowned fleet of royal yachts – from the last Russian Tsar to the Princes of Monaco – have roamed the Seven Seas for centuries. And some members of the royal family can not give up luxury at sea even today.

Small list of historic and current royal ships:

Yacht Britannia: The Queen’s Favorite Floating Residence

Britannia Farewell Party 1997

Last Flight: Britannia was built in 1953 for Britain’s Queen Elizabeth II. For 44 years it has served the Queen as “the only place I can truly relax”. Britannia was finally decommissioned in 1997 and has been used as a museum ever since

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There is hardly a better example of a royal “leisure boat” than Her Majesty’s Yacht (HMY) Britannia, built in 1953 for Britain’s Queen Elizabeth II.

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