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Munich (Other) – On May 6, ARD will broadcast the coronation of Charles III. From 9:30 a.m. live on the first movie/documentary about the king from April 27th at ARD Media Library and on May 1st at 8:15pm on the first

Coronation of Charles III. It is an event that moves not only the British. Germany is also looking forward with great interest to the coronation celebrations, with which a new era begins for the British monarchy after the 70-year reign of Queen Elizabeth. How does the royal family present themselves on this historic day? How is Charles III. Formation of the monarchy to meet the challenges of the twenty-first century? Who is the man in this position now?

Charles – Fateful Years of a King focuses on the man, his life as a prince, and his early months as King and Head of State of the United Kingdom. The documentary about Charles III. He paints a vivid picture of the heir to the throne and challenges common opinions and viewpoints. To better understand the character and attitude of the new king, writer/director Claire Walding traces the major turning points in Charles’ life from the perspective of a sitter.

The documentary series takes a look at the kingdom, the Commonwealth and the world through Charles’ eyes: at the experiences that shaped him, at the goals he commits himself to – and above all his involvement in the climate crisis – and tries to answer the question. With this look beyond the classic ‘court reports’: what would Charles III do. for a king? Historian Ed Owens, Charles biographer Jonathan Dimbleby, and reporters such as Wesley Kerr and Annette Dirt, as well as ARD royal house expert Leontien von Schmittow all have their say.

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ARD will show the documents in the media center from April 27 in three 20-minute parts and broadcast a 75-minute version on May 1 at 8:15 pm on Channel One. A 45-minute version will also be broadcast after the live broadcast of the coronation ceremony on May 6 at 4:00 pm on Das Erste.

“Charles – Fateful Years of a King” is a LOOKSfilm production commissioned by SWR, rbb (a joint responsibility) and NDR in association with Histoire TV for ARD. The editors are Mark Willock (SWR), Rolf Bergmann (RBB), and Mark Brass (NDR). The producers are Regina Boushehri and Gunnar Didio.

“King Charles III. – Coronation in London” – live and exclusively on the first

On Saturday, May 6, from 9:30 a.m., viewers can experience the coronation ceremony in a live report that lasts over five hours. ARD foreign correspondent Annette Dirt is on site, capturing the voices and moods. The expert at the Royal House of the ARD, Leontien von Schmittow, will observe the ceremony taking place in the studio and comment on it with guests and insiders. Moderation reigns supreme Julia-Niharika Sen.

NDR is responsible for the live broadcast; Editing is in the hands of Claes Oliver Richter.

After the live broadcast, Presant also dedicates the coronation from 4:45 p.m. At 11:40 p.m., Das Erste recaps the day’s highlights in a half-hour special titled “King Charles III. – Coronation Highlights” (NDR, Editor: Clas Oliver Richter). Of course, the Tageschau and Tagstemmien also provide comprehensive information about this event and its significance. The coronation ceremonies can be watched live at the ARD Media Library. In addition, the history theme at the ARD media center will present several documentaries about the last 500 years of the history of the British Royal Family from April 27.

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A set of press materials containing detailed information on the documentation and live broadcast of the coronation is available in the press service for accredited journalists. In addition, all three parts of the documentary series can be viewed in the screening room.

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