June 17, 2024

Royal meeting between Duchess Kate and Crown Princess Mary

Royal meeting between Duchess Kate and Crown Princess Mary

Updated 02/24/2022 10:04 AM

  • Private meeting in Denmark.
  • Duchess Kate and Crown Princess Mary celebrate the golden and platinum jubilees of Queen Margaret and Queen Elizabeth.

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Both were born into the common people and will one day become the wife of a king: Duchess Kate and Crown Princess Mary. Against this backdrop, the ladies seem to be getting along really well, which can also be seen in the latest photos from today, Wednesday. The two are shown meeting Mary’s mother-in-law, Queen Margaret II, at the Palace of Christian IX. in Denmark.

The Duchess Kate was given a ‘warm welcome’

Shortly after the meeting, the British Duchess publicly thanked her for the “warm welcome” via Twitter. “In collaboration with the Danish Queen and Crown Prince, we are celebrating the golden jubilee of the UK and Denmark – the golden jubilee here in Denmark and the platinum queen’s jubilee in the UK.”

Queen Elizabeth II was on the British throne for 70 years (platinum), and Queen Margaret for 50 (golden).

Duchess Kate and Crown Princess Mary also get along visually

Kate and Mary also get along perfectly when it comes to style. Both were posed for photographers in front of and in front of the castle in elegant mantles. Kate wore a £3,000 gray lapel dress by Catherine Walker, while Mary opted for a chic white design she’s worn on previous outings. Both wore their long wavy brown hair.

The wife of Prince William and mother of three traveled to Copenhagen for two days to draw attention to a topic particularly close to her heart: early childhood development. The trip is part of its Royal Early Childhood Centre, which it launched in June 2021.
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Duchess Catherine in the future could receive the former title of her late mother-in-law. (Illustrated credit: imago images/cover photos)